Which mixer goes with which wash basin?

Get the combination right both technically and visually

Has your customer fallen in love with a mixer, but is unsure whether it really goes with his/her wash basin? Would he/she like to know which mixers from the Hansgrohe and Axor brands go with which wash basins?
Mixer/wash basin combination: we can assist you and your customers in your mutual search for the perfect combination. With stylish suggestions – technologically tested at our test centre – for Hansgrohe brand products, and with design recommendations for Axor brand products.

Man splashed with water at the wash basin.
  1. Splash test: the bathroom professionals at the Hansgrohe test centre have tested and evaluated lots of different mixer/wash basin combinations for you. We have made the results available to you free of charge.
  2. Put together stylish combinations with confidence, without any fear of committing any faux pas.


Axor Massaud wash basin scene

The Axor brand's design experts have picked out some real dream combinations for you and your customers. These combinations go together both visually and functionally.

Counter top wash bowl with Metris Highriser 260

Which mixer goes with which wash basin – and in which home? In conjunction with the right wash basin, Hansgrohe “Modern” style mixers are on top form both, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. Use our online Configurator to find the perfect matching pair for your customer. Use our ambience recommendations to navigate visually.

Goldfish bowl with Metris 230 swivel spout

How many Metris, Talis, Focus and Logis mixers are there at what height, and what added convenience do they offer? Whether your customers would like to be able to wash their hair in comfort in the wash basin or be able to move around more freely when wet-shaving: get the space that you need in the bathroom.

We provide the inspiration – you take care of the flawless installation.

Whatever someone's bathroom requirements and ideas may be: we always recommend taking them to you, the dealer. Because only you can assess whether it is possible to meet the on-site spatial and technical requirements. After all, there's no point in having the most beautiful combination if the space restrictions, connections or water pressure are not suitable.