Raindance Select E 300 Showerpipe: a beautifully designed hand shower, overhead shower and thermostat all in one.

Raindance Select Showerpipes

Raindance Select E 300: a beautifully designed overhead shower, hand shower and thermostat all in one

Customers who choose a Raindance Select Showerpipe E 300 are people who live life to the fullest in terms of comfort and pleasure – and whose focus is on eye-catching design. The new shower system combines lots of different functions in a way that is both intelligent and attractive.

Its top 3 selling points:

  • Multifunctional, perfect combination of three elements 
    The shower system consists of the Raindance Select overhead shower, the Raindance Select hand shower and the Ecostat Select thermostat.
  • Simple bathroom renovation 
    The showerpipe can easily be fitted onto existing wall connections – the ideal solution for upgrading a bathroom.
  • 5 jet types at the touch of a button
    Invigorating or relaxing rain that comes from the overhead shower, plus three different jet types from the hand shower.

The feel-good range for customers with high design expectations

As well as offering a pleasurable shower experience at the touch of a button and a jet selection that is refreshingly simple, the Raindance Select Showerpipe E 300 is guaranteed to be a design highlight in the bathroom. The new Hansgrohe design, with its harmoniously rounded corners and flowing shapes, is timelessly modern and offers an extremely wide range of combination options.

Your customers can choose from two finishes:
a) fully chrome-plated products
b) fresh two-colour design in chrome with white spray disc  

Attractive and successful: Raindance Select 360 Showerpipe

Another successful combination: the Raindance Select 360 Showerpipe with the larger Raindance overhead shower. Plump, pearly raindrops fall from its shoulder-wide, 360 mm spray disc and envelop your whole body.

The Select button: it's easy to change the jet type with Hansgrohe shower products

Savvy shower system featuring a little button: select the jet type in just one click.

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