Woman showers under a Raindance Air overhead shower

Raindance Select E 300 overhead shower

Top innovation: the first Hansgrohe overhead shower with built-in jet adjustment – for two full-area types of rain jet  

Small invention, great effect: Hansgrohe has integrated its ingeniously simple button into an overhead shower for the very first time. The Select button is located in the middle of the large spray disc of the new Raindance Select 300. Your customers will love the heavenly shower rain, which is available at the touch of a button. And they now have a choice of two different jet types.

Wake up or switch off?

We all have our own personal sources of energy. Hansgrohe can keep these gushing out of the ceiling or out of the wall (two installation options):

  • Invigorating: a burst of freshness from above
    Stimulating, powerful showering pleasure with the Rain jet. When you want to get yourself moving or recharge your batteries after doing sport. Rinses shampoo out effectively too.
  • Soothing: soft pure pleasure from above
    The soft, aerated RainAir jet drapes the body in fabulous droplets of water. When you want to relax, to wash away stress or simply be pampered.

XXL Performance for customers with high design expectations

As well as making you feel good, this overhead shower is guaranteed to be a design highlight in your bathroom: the new Raindance Select design, with its harmoniously rounded corners and flowing shapes, is timelessly modern and offers an extremely wide range of combination options.

Your customers can choose from two finishes:
a) fully chrome-plated product
b) fresh two-colour design in chrome with white spray disc

For the Raindance Select E 300 overhead shower, Hansgrohe integrated two spray disc technologies in one shower:
small outlets for the powerful Rain jet, large openings for the aerated, softer RainAir jet. The overhead shower, 300 mm wide, is optimised to the silhouette of the person showering. Hansgrohe calls this XXL Performance.

Raindance Select Showerpipe: a compelling trio

It's not just the Raindance Select overhead shower. It's not just the Raindance Select hand shower. It's not just the Ecostat Select thermostat. The Raindance Select Showerpipe offers the perfect combination of all three elements and guarantees the perfect pleasurable shower experience.                               

The Select button: it's easy to change the jet type with Hansgrohe shower products

Savvy overhead shower featuring a little button: select the jet type in just one click.

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