Ecostat Select: regulates temperature and water quantity individually and provides generous storage space for shower utensils.

Ecostat Select: new freedom in the shower

This exposed installation thermostat is perfect in form and function – and clever to boot

Not only does Ecostat Select regulate the temperature and the water quantity in the shower to suit your individual needs. It also provides an attractive, generous storage area for all kinds of shower utensils. This blend of form and function makes it the new star amongst the Hansgrohe shower thermostats. Another plus: Installation flush with the wall means that the connections are elegantly concealed. Ecostat Select incorporates intuitive usability with optimum comfort and beautiful stylistic elements.

Top reasons for this minor revolution in thermostats:

  • Lots of space and practical benefits thanks to the large glass shelf
  • Intuitive and easy to use: ergonomically shaped handles and large symbols
  • Safety is a top priority: thermostat does not heat up (thermally decoupled housing), scalding protection due to temperature barrier, rounded edges, break-resistant glass shelf
  • Water saving function included: in the case of the individual thermostat, the water quantity is limited to 10 l/min. If more water is required: just release the limiter button and turn it further.
  • Easy to install, ideal for retrofitting, is available in two finishes

Raindance Select Showerpipe: a compelling trio

It's not just the Ecostat Select thermostat. It's not just the Raindance Select overhead shower. It's not just the Raindance Select hand shower. It's not just the Ecostat Select thermostat. The Raindance Select Showerpipe offers the perfect combination of all three elements and guarantees the perfect pleasurable shower experience.                     

Man showering with Ecostat Select and Raindance Select 120 hand shower

Ecostat Select: for high expectations of user comfort, design, eco-friendliness and safety

Ecostat Select for professionals

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