Axor wash basins, bath tubs and furniture.

Axor wash basins, bath tubs and bathroom furniture

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Some of the Axor collections include wash basins, bath tubs and wash basin furniture, as well as high-quality mixers. There are built-in, counter-top and wall-mounted wash basin versions, and bath tubs that are free-standing or built in. These were developed in collaboration with prestigious designers and they can of course be combined with mixers from the various bathroom collections.

Overview of Axor wash basins, bath tubs and furniture:

Axor Bouroullec wash basin.

Wash basins

Axor offers wash bowls, built-in wash basins and wall-mounted wash basins. These are available in various sizes and are made from high-quality mineral casting with easy-to-clean finish. The wash basins from the Axor Urquiola, Axor Bouroullec, Axor Massaud collections can also be combined with the mixers from many of the other Axor collections. One striking feature of the Axor Bouroullec wash basins is that you can select pre-drilled or undrilled variants to put the mixers on.

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Axor Urquiola bath tub.

Bath tubs

Axor offers free-standing bath tubs and variants for built-in installation or for wall-mounting. Bath tubs are available in a selection of different materials. The unusual design concept will give any bath tub that individual look, making it the focus of attention in your bathroom.

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Wash basin with furniture.


The Axor Bouroullec collection's wash basin furniture for easy wall mounting is available in two variants: with continuous surface for combining with a wash bowl or with matching cut-out for the Axor Bouroullec built-in wash basin. The glacier white/light oak combination makes it look particularly stylish and high-quality.

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