iBox universal with application options

iBox universal + base set

Versatile concealed solutions from Hansgrohe

When implementing concealed installation, the mixer base set completely disappears into the wall. You can then install pre-fab sets on top, from any of Hansgrohe's product ranges – now also including the new ShowerSelect pre-fab sets. The fact that the mixer technology is elegantly concealed behind the wall not only makes the design look good. It also provides your customer with more space and freedom of movement, or in other words: a more pleasurable shower experience.

iBox universal and application options

iBox universal and other concealed basic sets

In addition to the iBox universal for bath tubs and showers, Hansgrohe offers other reliable concealed basic sets: base sets for single lever mixers or 3-hole wall mixers for the wash basin. Base sets for 2-handle bath mixers and 2-/3-hole bath tub rim thermostats and bath mixers.    

Hansgrohe installation technology ( of )


iBox universal: more space, freedom of movement and scope for planning

Ever since its launch in 2001, the iBox universal has been setting new standards in the bathroom and has maintained a leading position in the sanitary market. It is the first and only basic set for all Hansgrohe and Axor standard and thermostat solutions. It can be used in private and public areas and complies with current standards all over the world. The big advantage for building owners and bathroom renovators is the scope for planning. Your customers can have the base set installed now (e.g. in a new building) and decide on which mixer to have at a later stage (e.g. the following year). This allows customers more time when selecting their bathroom furnishings and prevents the wall from having to be chiselled out again later.


The technical finesse of Hansgrohe's concealed installation marvel

  • iBox universal with rotational symmetry
  • iBox universal with versatile connections
  • Moisture protection with iBox universal
  • Low noise level with iBox universal
  • Simple flushing of the iBox universal
  • Function block of the iBox universal
  • Safety combination with iBox universal
  • Base set extension with iBox universal
  • Escutcheon extension with iBox universal

iBox universal benefits for trade, retail and the project business:

  • The iBox universal is geared to all common installation systems, connection types and fittings. All that is needed is one basic set for 16 different functional solutions.
  • High degree of flexibility in planning and lots of design options. More than 200 Hansgrohe and Axor pre-fab sets are geared to the iBox universal.
  • Time savings thanks to quick, easy installation.
  • Space savings. Only one basic set needs to be kept in stock, which reduces storage space and costs.
  • High level of reliability and durability thanks to secure technical standards that have been tried and tested millions of times over

You can find all the advantages and selling points for the iBox universal in the Hansgrohe technical discussion in the download section.

How to install the iBox universal correctly

  • Scope of delivery
  • Installation tip using vice
  • Positioning tools
  • Fittings
  • Mounting options
  • Standard flushing
  • Plug for outlet
  • Use a drill
  • Pre-wall installation sealing cuff

The various installation options for the concealed basic set

  • Installation on the wall
  • Installation in front of the wall
  • Installation on a support system
  • Installation on prefabricated modules
  • Installation in the wall
  • Installation with a set of mounting rails

Installation instructions, technical data and key selling points

Concealed installation technology from Hansgrohe in detail