Exafill S for the bath tub

Waste systems

Milestones in the sanitation industry – discreet in design, perfect in function

Hansgrohe develops innovative waste systems – so that once you have enjoyed washing or showering, used water can flow away quickly and discreetly. Many models provide hidden services for the wash basin, bath tub and shower. These are powerful and reliable. Even in the case of large showers with high flow performance.

Hansgrohe waste systems are:

  • Innovative, versatile and with state-of-the-art technology
  • Easy to install, can be cut to length to suit, easy to connect up
  • Extremely flexible and can even be adjusted to specific shapes of bath tub
  • Trendsetting in their concealed installation
  • Hard-wearing, watertight and durable
  • Extremely user-friendly and visually appealing – for satisfied customers

High performance for large shower systems

Feel-good shower systems such as Rainmaker, Rainfall or entire shower families require high-performance drains. Raindrain 90 XXL from Hansgrohe attains a flow rate of up to 51 litres per minute – an exceptionally high drain performance. A positive side-effect: the fast-flowing water reliably rinses any dirt away. Guaranteeing your customers a completely carefree pleasurable shower experience.

Waste technology on bath tub

Waste systems

Hansgrohe stocks waste sets for showers and inflow, waste and overflow sets for bath tubs – in the form of basic sets or pre-fab sets. You will also find the ideal solution for any type of bidet and wash basin, with or without overflow. The range includes easy-to-install cup-type traps, push-open valves and designer angle valves. Here you will also find matching drain accessories.

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Installation, cleaning, operation

Learn about Hansgrohe waste systems in detail. With scale drawings and performance overview.