Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300

ShowerTablet Select 300

Hansgrohe's first exposed installation thermostat featuring a button

Hansgrohe has integrated its innovative push button technology into an exposed installation thermostat, and now presents the ShowerTablet Select 300. Because a thermostat featuring buttons that you press (instead of turning them) is more user-friendly. Not only is its extra convenience ideal for children, older people and those with limited mobility. Absolutely everyone will love it because it's so easy. 

Intuitive operation – trendsetting design

All the control units of the ShowerTablet Select 300 are conveniently located on the front. Large symbols and colour coding also make operation easier. Your customer selects the required temperature from the front via the ergonomic control dial. With its 300 mm wide glass shelf, the multi-functional thermostat provides ample space for shower utensils.

Easy installation – more convenience for the professional

The new ShowerTablet Select represents convenience for you as well as for your customers. It is quick and safe to install:

  • Adapts to the existing water connections
  • Saves time thanks to installation via plug-in connection
  • No scratching of the housing, since screw connection goes through the base of the housing
  • Maintenance-friendly access to cartridge, filter screens and non-return valves
  • Reliable thermostat cartridge for faultless, long-lasting use

The ShowerTablet Select 300 is combinable.

The new ShowerTablet is compatible with all Hansgrohe shower sets – with or without Select. For example:

  • Raindance Select E 120/150 / Unica ’S Puro shower set – beautiful combination of ShowerTablet Select 300 and hand shower.
  • Raindance Select Showerpipes E 300 /S 300 / S 240 – perfect combinations of ShowerTablet Select 300 with overhead and hand shower.  

Hansgrohe relies on the button – even for the thermostat

  • Finger on thermostat Select button
  • Hand on thermostat control dial
  • ShowerTablet Select with shower utensils
  • ShowerTablet Select with shower utensils
  • Hand on ShowerTablet Select
  • ShowerTablet Select for bath tub

Studies show that there are different types of shower

In a study on showering – at the company's in-house spray laboratory – Hansgrohe discovered that there are individual shower types. We have converted the various requirements into jet types. From now on, you can use this knowledge to recommend the ideal shower products to each of your customers.

Pleasure showerers – efficient showerers – focus showerers:
What kind of showerer is your customer?

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