iBox universal with ShowerSelect capabilities

ShowerSelect concealed thermostats

Select technology – available for the first time in pre-fab sets for the iBox universal

The new ShowerSelect pre-fab sets are concealed installation solutions which now also feature the Select technology. Switch consumers on and off or select jet types at the simple push of a button. Control shower solutions for up to four consumers really easily using the new ShowerSelect prefabricated thermostat sets, based on the iBox universal. An impressive operating and design concept from Hansgrohe, which your customers will love. We supply top innovations which create customised visual highlights and are impressive thanks to first-class thermostat technology.

The ShowerSelect pre-fab sets offer tradespeople such as yourself the following benefits:

  • New, unique products for all generations - attractive, high-quality and user-friendly
  • Additional sales opportunities through the winning over of new target groups
  • Complete range of products for a wide range of applications
  • Can be universally combined with all showers
  • Easy to mount on the popular concealed installation system iBox universal, tried and tested since 2001
  • Great potential for renovated bathrooms
  • Durability offered by mechanical valves, making for long-term customer satisfaction with no complaints
  • Can be used immediately, as all logical button combinations are enclosed in the package
  • Easier to install for a 4-consumer solution

Our top products = your top selling points:

  • ShowerSelect thermostat with integrated hose connection and shower support – elegant design, easy to install in bath tubs and showers
  • ShowerSelect mixer – the alternative to the thermostat variants. With mixer function and ergonomically shaped handle
  • Two design variants: square and round – for any taste, style and shower type

iBox universal and ShowerSelect


The new way to activate pleasure – top selling points for end consumers at a glance

  • ShowerSelect, intuitive operation
  • ShowerSelect with shower support
  • ShowerSelect, protruding button
  • ShowerSelect, convenient temperature controller
  • ShowerSelect, easy to clean
  • ShowerSelect, round design
  • ShowerSelect, save water
  • ShowerSelect, all consumers active

ShowerSelect: easy-to-install shower control system

As a basic set, the Hansgrohe iBox universal is geared to all common installation systems, connection types and fittings. The multi-functional box accommodates more than 200 Hansgrohe and Axor pre-fab sets with 16 functional solutions. Installing the new concealed thermostats is easy: simply mount pre-fab sets onto the iBox universal. Bathrooms where the iBox universal is already in use are particularly easy to renovate: simply exchange the existing pre-fab set for the new one.

High sales potential, award-winning products

ShowerSelect pre-fab sets are unique products which have great potential for renovated bathrooms or completely new ones, and open up new target groups, offering you greater sales opportunities. They can be universally combined with all Raindance and Raindance Select showers. A complete range of products is available for a wide range of applications. In 2013 Hansgrohe's new concealed thermostats won: the Design Plus Award (for all solutions), organised by the German Design Council. They also won the “Bathroom Design for All” Product Award, organised by the ZVSHK (German Central Association for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning) for the two-consumer variants. The iF Product Award from the International Forum Design followed in 2014.

Examples of shower applications


Smart, high-quality and harmonious solutions for up to four consumers

  • ShowerSelect with a hand shower
  • Woman, ShowerSelect, a hand shower
  • ShowerSelect, overhead shower, hand shower
  • Woman, ShowerSelect, hand and overhead shower
  • ShowerSelect, overhead shower, hand shower
  • Woman, ShowerSelect, overhead shower
  • ShowerSelect, overhead shower, hand shower
  • Woman, ShowerSelect, hand and overhead shower