Ecostat E thermostat

Ecostat thermostats – proven technology, new design

Shower control in two refreshingly modern designs

Hansgrohe has just launched its Ecostat thermostats in two new, modern designs – proven in terms of both technology and function:

  • Square-shaped Ecostat E variant with rounded corners
  • Completely round Ecostat S variant.

Not only are these flat concealed thermostats, which are installed on the iBox universal, beautifully striking bathroom features. They also offer added value in terms of ergonomics: the control elements, equipped with rotary handles, offer your customers more convenience in the shower.
They also provide you with some good selling points:

  • More individuality in the bathroom. Your customers can choose from two designs.
  • More convenience. The minimised rotary handles with their rounded corners are ergonomic and easier to operate. They are extremely easy to grasp.
  • More safety – also suitable for the older generation. The larger print makes for better legibility and usability.
  • More freedom of movement. The concealed installation offers your customers space when showering.

Flawless thermostat technology: Hansgrohe really has it all figured out

Customers who install these Ecostat thermostats will enjoy precise and constant water temperature. On the lower regulator the required temperature can be selected and finely adjusted. This makes heat and cold shocks a thing of the past. It is also easy to select the shower required: use the upper regulator to turn the hand and overhead shower on and off. This is also where the water volume is regulated. Extra convenience: the rotary handles are extremely easy to grasp, even when your hands are slippery from the shower gel.