Croma Select hand shower

Croma Select showers

The new Croma range – featuring the Select button for the very first time

hansgrohe introduces its Croma shower classics classics, featuring the user-friendly Select button for the very first time. Hand and overhead showers, as well as showerpipes, now also come equipped with the practical control button – as per Raindance. For you, this means: a broad target group and good sales opportunities in the mid-range price segment. Take advantage of the selling points specified below:

Croma makes the switch: to a higher level of convenience

Switch to a different jet type intuitively: the Select button provides Croma showers with an extra level of convenience and user enjoyment. With this Croma Select range, you can offer each customer the unique showering experience that he is looking for. 

  • The hand showers (three models) are also available as a shower set:
    1. Croma Select Multi with three jet types
    2. Croma Select Vario with three jet types
    3. Croma Select 1jet with one jet type
  • The overhead showers come in two sizes:
    1. Croma Select 180 Vario with two types of rain jet – balanced and intensive
    2. Croma 280 Air 1 jet with voluminous, light AirPower rain (without Select button)
  • Croma Select Showerpipes pamper with up to five jet types (two on the overhead shower, three on the hand shower) – a totally new kind of showering sensation for many consumers. Water and temperature are controlled by the high-quality Ecostat Comfort thermostat. The swivelling shower arm offers more freedom of movement and more flexible installation.

Croma Select features a variety of designs

  • All showers (except for the 280 Air 1jet) have two head shapes for you to choose from:
    - minimalist round head (S)
    - head with harmoniously rounded corners (E).
  • The white/chrome finish on the hand showers sets visual accents. This attractive interplay of colours offers plenty of options for combination with modern ceramics and mixers. Common to all is the ergonomic handle design, which makes it possible for one-handed jet adjustment.
  • The large spray disc on the overhead showers demonstrates a precise design concept with clean lines – and offers XXL Performance, representing excellent value for money.
  • The Croma Select Ø 180 mm comes in two surface finishes: fully chrome-plated or shimmering chrome with spray disc. The round spray disc of the Croma Ø 280 mm is made of fully chrome-plated, high-quality metal.

Croma Select pampers with a variety of jet types


Soft, intensive, concentrated: the new showers with their jet types – for all showering requirements

  • Hand shower, SoftRain jet type
  • Hand shower, Intense Rain jet type
  • Hand shower, Massage jet type
  • Hand shower, Rain jet type
  • Hand shower, Rain jet type
  • Hand shower, TurboRain jet type
  • Hand shower, Intense Rain jet type
  • Overhead shower, Rain jet type
  • Overhead shower, Rain jet type

Croma Select features water-saving properties and innovative technologies

The Croma Select pleasurable shower experience in the EcoSmart variant is particularly sustainable: a minimised water flow enables your customers to conserve valuable resources. The Croma Select 1jet hand shower consumes only 7 l/min as standard.
The hand and overhead showers are also easy to clean: with QuickClean silicon naps, residues are rubbed off in an instant. All Croma Select showers can be installed in next to no time – ideal for quick bathroom embellishments. The Showerpipe is also impressive with its straightforward exposed installation. Easy to install on existing water connections.