Woman with Crometta 100 hand shower

Crometta 100 hand showers & shower family

True design greats to fit the smaller budget – ideal for the project business

The Crometta 100 hand shower is likely to impress sanitation professionals in several respects. Its modern design in white/chrome and its attractive price make it a new top product in the entry-level segment. Here the motor of the tried and tested Hansgrohe Croma hand shower is used, therefore the capacity of this Crometta shower is higher than ever. The 100 mm spray disc offers your customers an enhanced shower experience, therefore this shower could be your new bestseller.

Crometta 100 hand showers come in three models – and they are also available in a set together with a wall bar and/or thermostat:
1. Crometta 100 Multi with three jet types
2. Crometta 100 Vario with four jet types
3. Crometta 100 1jet with one jet type

The three-jet Multi showers pamper the user with a powerful jet, a massage jet and a soft water jet. The Vario model offers invigorating shower rain in four graduations – ranging from broad to concentrated.

The new generation of Crometta


A variety of jet types to suit every type of showerer

  • Hand shower, Rain jet type
  • Hand shower, Turbo-Rain jet type
  • Hand shower, Massage jet type
  • Hand shower, broad jet
  • Hand shower, Rain variant 2
  • Hand shower, Rain variant 3
  • Hand shower, concentrated jet type
  • Hand shower, Rain jet type

Focus on the Crometta overhead shower & showerpipe

  • Crometta 160 overhead shower. The single-jet model with the Ø 16 cm spray disc offers XXL Performance. Available in two surface finishes: a) fully chrome-plated and b) in a combination of shimmering chrome and pure white.
  • The Crometta 160 Showerpipe consists of:
    - Crometta 160 overhead shower – with the balanced jet type “Rain”
    - Crometta 100 Vario hand shower – with four graduated rain jets
    - Ecostat Universal – ergonomically shaped handles make it intuitive to operate
    - Unica Crometta slide – easy to adjust
    - Isiflex shower hose – highly flexible, kink-proof, resilient

    The Crometta design: large, user-friendly, easily combinable

    These showers feature high-end functions and nice large spray discs. Moreover, the hand shower's ergonomic handle design makes it safe to handle. The new, modern shape of the overhead shower is a real eye-catching feature. In both products: the surface finish in white/chrome provides an elegant interplay of colours and countless possibilities for combining with modern mixers and ceramics. Another plus: water marks are less visible on the white surface finish.

    The Crometta technology: environmentally friendly and low-maintenance

    In the EcoSmart variant, Crometta showers are equipped with Hansgrohe's water-saving technology. So the EcoSmart hand showers consume only 7 l/min and the overhead shower 9 l/min. Both shower types are easy to clean: limescale deposits can be rubbed off easily thanks to QuickClean.