ShowerSelect thermostat, hand

Shower control with Select buttons

Exposed? Concealed? Exposed and concealed? The perfect solution for any bathroom

Is your customer looking to upgrade his shower area or completely renovate it? Here you will find the three key types of installation for hansgrohe control elements featuring Select technology. All good sales points for you to use in your consultations.

1. Concealed installation

The intuitive Select operating and design concept is user-friendly and elegant, particularly when it comes to concealed installation. On the ShowerSelect pre-fab sets, up to four consumers can be switched on and off at the touch of a button. The different types of shower jet can be selected with equal ease.

A professional's dream:

  • Easy to install on the popular concealed installation iBox universal, tried and tested since 2001
  • Great potential for renovated / new bathrooms. Unique products for people of all ages create additional sales opportunities – attractive, high-quality, easy to use
  • Top-notch thermostat technology to suit every customer. The pre-fab sets are available in different versions and can be universally combined with all showers.
  • You can offer two different technologies:
    1. ShowerSelect thermostats with integrated hose connection and shower support – elegant, easy to install in bath tubs / showers.
    2. ShowerSelect mixers – with mixer function and ergonomically shaped handle
  • Durability offered by mechanical valves – making for long-term customer satisfaction with no complaints

When should ShowerSelect pre-fab sets ideally be installed?

  • For the control of shower solutions featuring one to four consumers. Convenient: they make simultaneous operation possible.
  • If the iBox universal is already installed, they are really quick to fit. When renovating, you can easily replace the existing pre-fab set.
  • If you customer has a small bathroom, then this solution saves space.

A consumer's dream:
Attractive bathroom design and operation at the touch of a button. The pre-fab sets are available in two design variants (round or square) and in three surface finishes (chrome, with white or black glass). hansgrohe concealed installation solutions have won numerous awards for their visual appearance and ease of use – not to mention their barrier-free design.

ShowerSelect concealed pre-fab sets, installed on iBox universal


On, off, select jet types: the simplest way to trigger an enjoyable experience

  • ShowerSelect, intuitive operation
  • ShowerSelect with shower support
  • ShowerSelect, protruding button
  • ShowerSelect, convenient temperature controller
  • ShowerSelect, easy to clean
  • ShowerSelect, round design
  • ShowerSelect, save water
  • ShowerSelect, all consumers active

2. Exposed installation

hansgrohe also offers the clever Select buttons in its exposed installation solutions, for example on the ShowerTablet Select 300, a thermostat of exceptional convenience and design quality.

A professional's dream:

  • The ShowerTablet can be installed easily, quickly and safely
  • It adapts to existing water connections
  • Installation via plug-in connection saves time
  • No scratching of the housing, as the screw connection goes through the base of the housing
  • Maintenance-friendly access to cartridge, filter screens and non-return valves
  • Reliable thermostat cartridge for flawless, long-lasting use

A consumer's dream:
Extremely user-friendly. The Select elements can be conveniently accessed from the front and are easy to press. The required temperature is selected via the ergonomic control dial. Further advantages: large symbols and colour coding. All this makes it ideal for children, older people and those with limited mobility. The flat shelf area made of safety glass (300 mm) offers space for shower utensils and is easy to clean.

Exposed thermostat ShowerTablet Select 300


hansgrohe has also designed the button for exposed installation

  • Finger on thermostat Select button
  • Hand on thermostat control dial
  • ShowerTablet Select with shower utensils
  • ShowerTablet Select with shower utensils
  • Hand on ShowerTablet Select
  • ShowerTablet Select for bath tubs

3. Exposed and concealed installation

New: the best of both installation worlds. The ShowerTablet Select 700 exposed thermostat can be combined with any single-jet overhead shower. Added bonus: the Tablet actuates the shower via a concealed installation. The connection between the two is invisible: implemented via a pipe in the wall.

A professional's dream:
Even the installation of such a large thermostat presents no problem: it is easy to install on the wall.

A consumer's dream:
More freedom in the bathroom – and more convenience within the living space. At 70 cm long, the flat glass surface of the Tablet creates unprecedented storage capacity for shower utensils. Elegant design: the safety glass is situated on a body of chrome-plated metal. Particularly harmonious from a visual perspective: combining the Tablet with a large overhead shower such as the Rainmaker Select. The thermostat also constitutes a multi-functional highlight around the bath tub.

Other shower control systems

In addition to Select, hansgrohe also offers other mechanical – and electronic – control systems for the shower. Check out other solutions here.