Axor One thermostat module in the bathroom.

Axor One

Designer thermostat from Axor

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Axor One is a thermostat module for the shower which, due to its simplicity, creates a new feeling of spaciousness in the shower. Minimalists will particularly love its generous proportions and slim silhouette. On the wall, the thermostat module looks like a monolith. All functions are concentrated in one central control unit. The user-friendly Select technology adds comfort and convenience to the shower: you can operate up to three consumers easily and intuitively using your finger, hand or even your elbow.

Axor One was created by London designers Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby. They focus on the philosophy of interaction design: here, the design is determined by how the user interacts with the product. The new shower range invites bathroom professionals to make full use of all their options when planning and designing customised shower solutions.

Axor One thermostat module

Thermostats and porter unit

Axor One offers bathroom professionals a versatile range of products for showers and bath tubs. Three different thermostats with one to three paddles form the central control module, which can be used to control up to three consumers. The range is completed by a shut-off valve for another consumer, a porter unit and a shower support.

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Planning examples with Axor One

  • Private spa in the shower.
  • Overhead shower, side shower and hand shower.
  • Space-saving corner solution with Axor One.
  • Minimalism in the shower with Axor One.
  • Axor One around the bath tub
  • Exclusive partner shower with Axor One.
  • Minimalist shower with overhead shower and Axor One.
  • Axor One with overhead showers and hand shower.
  • Small shower with Axor One.
  • Spacious shower with Axor One.