An architectural masterpiece. Perfection.

A symbiosis of geometric shapes and ultimate precision. Inspired by the cube, which avantgarde artists of the early 20th century made into an objet d’art (art object). Technically perfect: A surface created with precision using diamond tools and edges that refract light to highlight the most beautiful feature. An architectural masterpiece. Perfection.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

AXOR Edge. The jewel of bathroom design. The masterpieces for the wash basin, shower and bath tub fulfil the highest standards in terms of design and individual character. The exclusive colours in the AXOR FinishPlus range – from striking polished black chrome to warm polished gold optic – add elegance to the architectural design. In addition to the high-gloss surfaces, the diamond cut seen in some of the details of the tap add to the radiance and exclusivity of this true gem. An extra special something for people with extravagant style.

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