In the exclusive Yoo Apartment bathrooms, Philippe Starck mixes minimalism and decorative flair – combined with Axor Starck mixers.

Yoo Apartments New York

High-end living in Downtown

When Philippe Starck designs luxury apartments, the collections he has developed for the Axor brand, which have caused a sensation since 1994, are an essential element. One of Starck’s clients is Yoo, one of the most innovative and successful real estate companies of today. London, Miami, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Hamburg, Munich...: over 4,000 Yoo apartments have already been built around the world – all designed by Starck. He created four different “styleboards” for purchasers, which they can use to create customised combinations – from minimalist to neo-baroque styles.

Extraordinary architecture is a key factor, which the Yoo concept uses to attract the metropolitan elite. The fully designed apartments also offer a sense of luxury and exclusivity in homes. Axor Starck fits into this world perfectly: the bathroom collection also enhances the quality of the Yoo apartments in Manhattan.

Location:                   New York/USA
Architect:                   smael Leyva Architects (Broad Street), Perkins Eastman
                                   Architects (19th Street)
Interior designer:    YOO by Starck (Broad Street), Jade Jagger for YOO (19th Street)
Building owner:       Boymelgreen Developers (Broad Street), The Copper Group
                                   (19th Street)
Products:                  Axor Starck