The Casa Camper Hotel combines hospitality and high quality design. Mixers from the Axor Steel collection play their part.

Casa Camper in Barcelona

A pioneer in fashion and ecology

The Spanish fashion shoe manufacturer Camper needs little introduction – the expansion of the brand to include its own hotels, however, does. The first Casa Camper (a second hotel has now been opened in Berlin) is a well-kept secret: it is located on an unimposing side-street off the Ramblas pedestrianised area.

Camper’s brand philosophy is based on simple, traditional solutions that aim to provide a more sedate, healthier lifestyle in our hectic times. Hospitality and meeting people are high on the agenda; the architecture is pleasantly simplistic yet with the perfect details.

The Casa Camper is also a trendsetting hotel in terms of its environmental approach: a Hansgrohe Pontos AquaCycle 4500 grey water recycling system makes it possible to reuse treated process water. The products used that are made from environmentally-friendly materials and using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes also include the Axor Steel bathroom collection, which is made from original stainless steel.

Location:                 Barcelona/Spain
Architect:                 Jordi Tio
Interior designer:   Fernando Arnat
Products:                 Axor Steel  
                                  Pontos AquaCycle 4500*

* All systems were planned and constructed on a customised basis.