Pontos AquaCycle: environmentally-friendly dual use of water. Because water is too precious to be wasted.

Grey water recycling with Pontos AquaCycle

Because water is too precious to be wasted

Hansgrohe SE is a pioneer of grey water recycling. For example, the custom-designed and manufactured. Pontos AquaCycle system treats waste water from the shower and bath tub for reuse. This process water is used where drinking water quality is not required. This not only reliably conserves resources, but also saves costs. The water quality is consistently high and meets the hygiene requirements of the EU Bathing Water Directive.

Grey water recycling with Pontos AquaCycle means:

  • Recycling waste water in a patented biological/mechanical process-without chemical additives
  • The grey water is cleaned in a multi-stage process and disinfected by UV-radiation - in a manner that is gentle and energy-saving
  • Fully automated, closed recycling system with a low-maintenance, non-weather-dependent cleaning procedure.

Where is the process water reused?

  • Toilet flushing
  • House cleaning
  • Road cleaning 
  • Green area watering
  • Car washing etc.

Who can use Pontos AquaCycle?

  • Housing estates, apartment buildings, student halls of residence
  • Swimming pools and urban cleaning services
  • The hotel industry
  • Leisure, sports and fitness centres

Are you already using a customised AquaCycle system?

Our specialists support you with their professional after-sa;es servoce



  • The highlight: the patented Pontos AquaCycle Technology works purely biomechanically, i.e. without any chemical additives. The process water created is hygienically clean. Its consistently high quality conforms to the specifications of the EU Directive for Bathing Water. The patented systems are low-maintenance and low-energy.

Pontos AquaCycle – all the information at a glance

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