March 2008. Events with regard to water, the “blue gold”, provided the basis for guest discussions at the first Hansgrohe Water Symposium.

Water Symposium 2008

“Water – element and mystery”

This was the topic of the first Hansgrohe Water Symposium, which took place on 14 and 15 March 2008 at the Aquademie Event Centre in Schiltach. The importance of water – whether existential or cultural – was the focus of this two-day event at the company headquarters. The water experts invited contemplated all aspects of the “blue gold” in exciting lectures and workshops.

During the Water Symposium 2008, it clearly emerged that water is a mystery that humans find enchanting. Water itself is a mystery of science – and still continues to astound. Water heals bodies and souls. Water is the most important nutritional component on earth. Considered from a global perspective, this elixir of life is a luxury good.

Water is scarce, and – all the experts agree on this – each one of us needs to handle this valuable resource with care.

Lectures, events and workshops 2008

  • The element water
    “Water – the mysterious vital element”
    (Dr. Joan Davis, Aquatics Research, Wallisellen/Switzerland)
  • Water Myth
    “Water is the best thing – the importance of water for cultural development”
    (Dr. Matthias Blum, Freie Universität Berlin)

    “Water is more than H2O – from holy springs, water cults and the worship of water”
    (Klaus Kramer, Aichhalden)

    “Water – existential luxury: a ritual of thanks to water”
    (Karin R’hila, Düsseldorf)
  • Water practice
    “The nature of water”
    (Jörg Schauberger, PKS Institute (Schauberger-Forschung), Bad Ischl/Austria)

    “Water design – insights into the Hansgrohe spray research”
    (Markus Wöhrle, Hansgrohe AG, Schiltach)

    “Water – source of health”
    (Prof. Dr. med. Karl-Ludwig Resch, German Institute for Health Research, Bad Elster)

    “Water and architecture”
    (Ernst Ulrich Tillmanns, 4a Architekten, Stuttgart)

    “Saving water in everyday life”
    (Günther Lehmann, Hansgrohe Technical Service Centre)

    “Water – transport medium of the Schiltach rafters”
    (Thomas Kipp, chairman of the rafters in Schiltach)
  • Water as a resource
    “The global water crisis”
    (Dr. Klaus Lanz, International Water Affairs, Evilard/Switzerland)

    “Human right to water”
    (Michael Windfuhr, Brot für die Welt, Stuttgart)