Axor Citterio: luxury at a second glance

Axor Citterio: The story and the bathroom

Luxury at a second glance

The stylish additions from Axor Citterio expand a pleasantly timeless collection. Products that have great respect for water, the elixir of life, and focus on its ritualistic character. Water that is brought to life aesthetically through the exclusive combination of round and angular shapes. After all, Antonio Citterio believes that those who enjoy the daily ritual of washing should do so with beautiful products.

  • Luxury at a second glance: timeless design with sophisticated products
  • Two-dimensionality and clarity in form reflect the ritual character of water
  • Top design and production quality provide excellent durability

Division of feel-good and functional areas
The architect and designer Antonio Citterio consistently divides the bathroom as a living area into two: a feel-good room experience through natural light, refined materials and an open environment, and a clearly separated functional area with a toilet.