The room is separated into a cosy relaxation area and a purely functional area for shower and toilet.

Separating feel-good and functional areas

Enhance the living environment in your bathroom

The bathroom can be transformed from a purely functional room into a place of relaxation. People are becoming increasingly interesting in creating a spacious, homely environment in this room, along with some additional comforts. Show your customers how to enhance their living environment by making a few spatial modifications. In the plan presented, the room is divided up into a cosy relaxation area and a functional area. For example, the toilet becomes a room within a room inside the feel-good area.

Solutions for different types of bathroom architecture

The fundamental concept, which was implemented using the Axor Citterio bathroom collection in this planning example, can be achieved in a wide range of different room sizes. With a well-thought-out floor plan, segmentation can work even in a small bathroom. Glass sliding doors and a walk-in shower area play a role here, as does architecture that structures the room using contrasts and stylish designer touches, while preserving its transparency.

Natural light and a homely ambience

Large windows, which let in natural light, and home accessories create a comfortable ambience in the bathroom. Natural wooden flooring and high-quality materials such as black and white marble contribute to the room's special character. The exclusive details are consistent with the premium quality of the roommixers, which demonstrate respect for water as a vital element.

Based on Axor Citterio products, the bathroom concept depicted here offers the planner a wide range of options for fulfilling individual requirements to the highest standards.

Separating feel-good and functional areas: stylish details


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