Axor Urquiola bathroom.

Merging bathroom and bedroom

A space for both privacy and communication


Increasingly, modern homes tend to feature open floor plans and smooth transitions. At the same time, a lot of people want to create personal areas of retreat which they can customise, whilst maintaining a shared environment. Show your customer how to combine bathroom and bedroom to create a communicative living space which also offers plenty of privacy. In the bathroom concept presented, the different areas merge to create a symbiosis between sleeping, body care and regeneration. This can be achieved by taking a few conceptual issues into consideration.

Space for both shared and private areas

The customised bathroom/living space is brought to life by a multitude of personal belongings, which create the character of the room and reflect the personal habits of the users. These individual touches mark out places of retreat within the bathroom, for example a separate make-up corner, showers separated by plants or customised wash basins. Plants serve as a filter zone between inside and outside, and separate the various bathroom areas in a natural way. Room dividers can also be used to structure the space. Despite the dividing up of the living space, the concept is dominated by a sense of spacious openness and homeliness, characterised by nature and vitality. This is signified in particular by the harmonious fusion of different styles and objects, ensuring maximum individuality. The smooth transition to the sleeping area enables the users to meet and communicate.

If there is sufficient space in your customer's bathroom, separate bath tubs and two showers, each featuring its own specific elements for the user's showering indulgence, can help create an ideal bathroom ambience for two people. Or, rather than the classic double wash basin, you can recommend two different wash basins opposite each other. This creates the necessary privacy. You end up with a spacious bathroom/sleeping area which can be customised to suit personal requirements.

Recommendation for implementing the bathroom concept

The planning concept presented here was implemented using the Axor Urquiola bathroom collection. The sensuous, imaginative design of the mixers and bathroom products enriches the personal fusion of styles and, with smooth transitions and soft shapes, combines to create one homely unit. Versatile spaces for creating a design to suit the personal needs and requirements of each user form the basis for creating a bathroom environment that both people can enjoy.