Architects and developers while planning and drawing up specifications for a building project.

International product and building certificates

Meet quality norms and environmental standards

Water is a foodstuff which is why standards and norms ensure consumer protection globally. Water is also a scarce resource which is protected by standards for environmental protection and energy saving. The keywords internationally are: Build to protect resources and build "green" buildings. Safety aspects and trade relations are also covered in many certificates.

Hansgrohe SE has confirmed the fulfilment of these quality and safety standards for its products worldwide with these certificates. Since these norms differ internationally, it is sometimes tricky for planners and architects to retain clarity, especially as some are legally stipulated while some are voluntary.

This is where we provide you with an overview of the most important certificates which must be submitted in tenders that foresee the use of our products. Including: a list of internationally relevant building certificates and water saving requirements to download.*

Your property advisor is happy to provide you with more information. Please also use this contact if you require other certificates. We will begin the necessary steps on request.

* Hansgrohe SE does not accept guarantee regarding the completeness or the consideration of recent changes.