2D views of a bidet mixer

2D bathroom planning data

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This is where you will find 2D data for our branded products. All 2D data is available in a front, side and top view. The ZIP files contain 2D data in DXF and DWG formats.


Raindance ZIP 18.1 MB
Raindance Classic ZIP 1.4 MB
Croma 100 ZIP 6.3 MB
Croma 100 Classic ZIP 0.5 MB
Crometta 85 ZIP 1.5 MB
Showers ZIP 14.7 MB
Shower hoses ZIP 0.4 MB
PuraVida ZIP 5.7 MB
Metropol E ZIP 0.1 MB
Metropol S ZIP 0.7 MB
Metris ZIP 4.5 MB
Metris E ZIP 0.5 MB
Metris S ZIP 2.1 MB
Metris Classic ZIP 1.3 MB
Talis E² ZIP 0.7 MB
Talis S² ZIP 3.1 MB
Talis S ZIP 0.7 MB
Talis Classic ZIP 0.8 MB
Focus E² ZIP 3.1 MB
Focus E ZIP 0.7 MB
Focus S ZIP 1.2 MB
Kitchen mixers ZIP 1.9 MB
Waste technology ZIP 1.8 MB


Axor Starck ZIP 5.4 MB
Axor Starck Organic ZIP 4.9 MB
Axor Starck X ZIP 1.0 MB
Axor Citterio ZIP 5.9 MB
Axor Citterio M ZIP 4.8 MB
Axor Urquiola ZIP 3.9 MB
Axor Massaud ZIP 1.3 MB
Axor Bouroullec ZIP 12.3 MB
Axor Uno² ZIP 2.1 MB
Axor Steel ZIP 0.2 MB
Axor Terrano ZIP 4.3 MB
Axor Carlton ZIP 3.4 MB
Axor Montreux ZIP 4.3 MB
Axor kitchen mixers ZIP 1.8 MB
Mirrors ZIP 0.1 MB


Shower accessories ZIP 0.7 MB
Base units ZIP 2.5 MB