Modern heat recovery with Pontos HeatCycle: reuses resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

Heat recovery with Pontos HeatCycle

Because reusing resources is smart

Hansgrohe SE is furthering its ecological commitments and placing an ever stronger focus on environmental and climate protection technologies. In this regard, it is particularly concentrating on energy efficiency and water management. For instance, it is currently developing the Pontos HeatCycle: a heat recovery system that retrieves the energy from everyday run-off shower and bath water – and reuses it. The energy costs for hot water preparation can thus be reduced by up to 20%. The system therefore conserves precious resources, lowers costs and reduces CO2 emissions. Hansgrohe’s vision: to turn the research project into a standard technology. Because heat recovery provides the right answers to urgent resource questions from an economical and ecological perspective.

How Pontos HeatCycle works:

  • The system pumps the still warm grey water through a heat exchanger and uses it to heat up cold drinking water. Instead of disappearing down the drain unused, the residual heat is used to pre-heat cold drinking water.
  • The fully automated heat recovery procedure is highly efficient, low maintenance and non-weather dependent.

Precise details of how the system works can be viewed in our web TV film or found in the brochures in the download section.

Who can use Pontos HeatCycle?

Large buildings in which large volumes of shower and bath water are used and hot drinking water is in high demand, for example:

  • Swimming pools
  • Hotels, residential homes, hostels
  • Leisure, sports and fitness centres

Are you already using a customized HeatCycle system?
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