For us a high degree of comfort does not go far enough: the new Hansgrohe Metris range expands the ComfortZone significantly.

Metris, Talis, Focus – for customer requirements at all levels

Hansgrohe creates space in your bathroom

Height? Design? Function? Hansgrohe satisfies even the most varied requirements and has versatile solutions on hand for each and every customer.
We are now redefining the ComfortZone - with wash basin mixers. ComfortZone means: plenty of space at the wash basin. This is achieved by the height of the mixer, i.e. the space available between spout and wash basin. And your customers can completely tailor this to suit their personal requirements. Check out the new Metris, Talis and Focus mixer ranges and their refreshingly convenient models. Minimalist design, comforting serenity: the new mixers are part of Hansgrohe's "Modern" style.    

Clever digital applications will help you in your consultations

Everyone has his/her own daily rituals, his/her personal taste – and needs his/her own personal space, and of course this applies to the bathroom too. Find out what your customer wants. Together with your cutsomer, discover and design his/her own personal ComfortZone online using the ComfortZone Finder and the "Modern" ambience configurator.  

The new Metris mixers: for comfort at all levels.

The new Metris mixer range

Say no to spatial compromise! Five new mixers ensure an unprecedented sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. Perhaps your customers would love to be surrounded by design classics or maybe they prefer a combination of excerpts from different stylistic periods: the contemporary Metris range is a minimalist design and fits in just great anywhere.

The new Talis mixers: for any functional requirement.

The new Talis mixer range

The ComfortZone variety includes the Talis mixer 250 with swivelling spout. This comes in really handy for rinsing out your mouth or washing your hair. Its lateral operation means that its incredibly flexible water jet can be easily controlled. The mixer models with rotatable 360-degree spout also have an impressive all-round spray arc and offer plenty of room to move around.

The new Focus mixers: for every home.

The new Focus mixer range

Focus offers a high degree of day-to-day comfort: the swivel spout of the Focus 240 gives the user lots of freedom at the wash basin, and the Focus 190 provides plenty of flexibility for everyday use. Make guest bathrooms resplendent using discreet models such as the Focus 70. Focus is elegant in design and blends harmoniously into any surroundings.

Check out the new Metris range and the wide variety of applications offered to the customers

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