New kitchen mixers at Hansgrohe

Innovation and elegant design at every level and in every price range – the PuraVida range has been expanded with the addition of electronic mixers

The Hansgrohe brand is extending its range of kitchen mixers. In addition to a new manual product, for the very first time Hansgrohe is including an electronic kitchen mixer in the PuraVida product range. The material exhibits unique quality in the detail – DualFinish in a stainless steel look means that you have a base unit brushed underneath and polished on top. You will be sure to attract the attention of your customers. The same can be said for the addition to the Focus E² range: in this range we now have a kitchen mixer whose appeal lies not only in its attractive price, but also in its optimum convenience.

The new sink unit masters of the kitchen at a glance:

The electronic control unit from PuraVida can be positioned anywhere and the mixer offers plenty of space thanks to its high spout.

PuraVida electronic kitchen mixer

The electronic control unit can be placed on, behind or next to the sink: independent of the spout. The particularly ingenious thing about it is its user-friendliness: press once: cold water, press twice: mixed water, press three times: hot water. Cold and hot water are each visually indicated during this process. The temperature is seamlessly regulated. Available in DualFinish stainless steel and in pure chrome.

Elegant design and high quality in the detail: the manual control unit from PuraVida can be positioned anywhere.

PuraVida kitchen mixer, manual operation

This control unit can be placed anywhere around the sink unit: whatever your customers want. The high, swivelling spout in the typical, sensual PuraVida style creates a large amount of free space for working in the kitchen.

The Focus E² kitchen mixer has a high, swivelling spout.

Focus E² kitchen mixer

High-quality design and a wide range of functions at an attractive price: the high, swivelling spout is a little miracle of convenience. It creates plenty of space between mixer and sink. Available in chrome or an elegant stainless steel look.