Raindance overhead shower means XXL Performance. Summer rain gushes down from the shoulder-wide spray disc.

Raindance overhead shower

Large, sparkling shower droplets cause XXL sensations

With the Raindance overhead shower, your customers can have access to these sensations at home whenever they want. Hansgrohe has a name for the sensation of plump, soft droplets of water gushing soothingly onto the body from this 360 mm shoulder-wide spray disc: XXL Performance.

The generous addition of air means that the AirPower technology provides a very special pleasurable shower experience. And QuickClean guarantees that your enjoyment will be long-lasting.

Raindance Select Showerpipe: a compelling trio

It's not just the Raindance overhead shower. It's not just the Raindance Select hand shower. It's not just the  Ecostat Select thermostat. The Raindance Select Showerpipe offers the perfect combination of all three elements and guarantees the perfect pleasurable shower experience.

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