The Axor Citterio electronic wall mixer is ideal for demanding environments, whether in top-class restaurants, hotels or homes.

Axor electronic wall mixers have a sensor for good architectural design

The latest products from Axor Citterio and Axor Uno2 perfectly blend into the high-quality environment: timelessly elegant or totally minimalistic.

Axor is presenting electronic wash basin mixers for wall mounting for the first time. They combine the highest design quality and functionality and highlight the technical expertise of the Axor brand. The wall mixers expand the Axor Citterio and Axor Uno2 collections. The designers can therefore create visual highlights that emphasise the high-quality environment in completely different room architectures.

Innovative: the infrared proximity technology is integrated into the spout – the sensor window is located on the underside. This elegant solution prevents any impairment of the high-quality design of Axor Citterio and Axor Uno2 and makes possible particularly slender mixer bodies. These wall mixers are the perfect product for demanding environments.

The advantages of sensor mixers are clear: they offer better hygiene in public and semi-public bathrooms and an economic water consumption. The extremely short run-on time makes the Axor electronic wall mixers particularly attractive for public and commercial use. They automatically consider the environment: the EcoSmart technology limits the water consumption to a maximum of five litres per minute.

Key facts about the Axor electronic wall mixers

  • The new Axor electronic wall mixers are available in two spout lengths: 165 and 220 mm
  • The technology is quickly identifiable thanks to the inscription ELECTRONIC
  • Large sensor area of 50 to 200 mm thanks to the innovative infrared proximity technology
  • The sensor window is protected by high-quality, scratch-resistant filter glass
  • Very short water run-on time of just 0.5 seconds (at 0.3 MPa)
  • Flow limitation: low water consumption of 5 l/min
  • In addition to the chrome version, the mixer is also available with special finishes with a robust PVD coating on request
  • The base unit with the iBox universal provides optimum wall installation conditions. The solenoid valve, electronics and default temperature setting are all easily accessible via the iBox. The cleaning mode (water stop) can be manually adjusted
  • Following installation, the sensor automatically adapts to the environment. It has a radius of up to approx. 200 mm
  • If permanently activated (sensor window blocked), the water switches off after 60 seconds
  • The aerator is installed in a theft-proof manner
  • Supplied with a power adapter for power connection: 230 V, 50 Hz

The strikingly elegant Axor Citterio collection has been logically expanded to include an electronic version. The slender wall mixer adds a sense of design to the high-quality environment and radiates subtle luxury.

The slender, minimalistic design of Axor Uno2 mixers is also reflected in the electronic wall mixer over the wash basin. It fits perfectly into purist room designs in public, semi-public or private areas.

The basic set with the iBox universal makes installing the electronic wall mixer easy.

Secure installation, optimum ease of use

The base unit for wall installation comprises the iBox universal DN15/DN20 with pre shut-off, the base unit for the wall spout and ductwork for both the sensor cable and the mains connection.