Axor Bouroullec Composer – the online planning tool for professionals

Axor Bouroullec Composer

The online tool for planning your customers' personal wash basin

Axor Bouroullec is the innovative bathroom collection, providing you and your customers with unprecedented freedom. The Axor Bouroullec Composer is a professional tool that is easy to use, enabling you to precisely position the products from the collection online so that you can implement the best solution for your customers.

There are almost infinite possibilities for positioning the mixers

The program demonstrates each possible positioning for the mixers around the wash basin virtually. Everything is done online, you don't need to install any software. A coordination system specifies exactly where they can be positioned and subsequently drilled accurately. You can plan in both 2D and in 3D and switch between 2D and 3D mode at any time.
In conjunction with your customer, find out which of the many possibilities is exactly what he/she wants.

Configure it step by step 

The Axor Bouroullec Composer will help you complete the planning step by step, in a manner that is self-explanatory:

  1. Select the type of wash basin
  2. Select the size of the wash basin and the number of shelves
  3. Select the mixer elements 
  4. Place the mixer on, above or next to the wash basin
  5. Save and print the completed configuration

And if you happen to be unsure as to how to proceed, the detailed help function will assist you.

These are the main Composer functions: 

  • Simple, precise planning in 2D floor plan mode or in 3D view
  • Configuration of wash basin and mixers
  • Inspiration offered by material and colour samples
  • Overview of pre-drilled wash basins in PDF format
  • Print the completed plan: Arrangement of mixers, item list, practical tips to help the customer implement your solution
  • Detailed help function that will lead you through the Composer process if required