Raindance Select S

Shower set 120 3jet with shower bar 150 cm and soap dishes

Product features
  • consists of: hand shower, shower bar, shower hose, slider, soap dishes
  • shower head size: 125 mm
  • spray type: Rain, RainAir, Whirl
  • shelf made of safety glass
  • convenient diversion via Select button
  • pivot connector prevent hose from tangling
  • 90° position adjustable hand shower holder, pivots left and right, up and down
  • maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 15 l/min
  • 41 mm width of shower bar
  • profile stand pipe: square
  • wall supports of plastic
  • wall mounting: screw fastening
  • wall bar type: flat aluminium profile with safety glass finish
Consists of
  • Hand shower 120 3jet (# 26530000)
  • Shower bar E 150 cm with shower hose and shelves (# 27645000)
  • Soap dish/ shelf E (# 26511000)


  • More pleasure, more efficiency

    More pleasure, more efficiency

    Products with this shower technology combined water with air to pamper you with more voluminous, lighter and softer water droplets on your skin. For greater showering pleasure with water efficiency.

    Get more fun from less water
  • QuickClean: Less limescale, more joy

    QuickClean: Less limescale, more joy

    Is there anyone who likes cleaning? With QuickClean, limescale deposits and dirt on hansgrohe faucets and showers disappear in an instant. Just rub off the flexible nubs made of silicone.

    Rub off residues easily
  • Great showering pleasure

    Great showering pleasure

    You really need to experience this: great showering pleasure with jet types that has a feel-good factor. hansgrohe's hand and overhead showers, with a diameter of between 100 and 600 mm, envelop you in a real water dream – and ensure XXLPerformance in your bathroom.

    This is how you shower in style
  • Intuitive jet adjustment

    Intuitive jet adjustment

    Soft water droplets or an invigorating massage? Select the jet type you want in just one click, for even more showering fun.

    Savvy showers featuring a little button

Spray type

  • RainAir


    Gentle air-enriched rainfall.

  • Rain


    Perfect for rinsing shampoo out of your hair.

  • Whirl


    Concentrated targeted massage spray.

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