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Shower planner: your guide for installing hansgrohe shower systems

This planning brochure aims to inspire and guide sanitation specialists, architects and planners on all they need to know about installing shower systems in their customers’ bathrooms. From fitting a simple all-in-one solution to complex concealed installation systems with four consumers, this is how you do it properly. With this download, you will have all technical information to hand.

The brochure on the ‘Lavish showering’ bathroom trend

These days, the shower is the focal point of the bathroom and it leaves a lasting impression as an aesthetic element of décor. How comfortable showering is or how good the water feels are also important factors. Whether your customer wants a quick upgrade with a showerpipe or to transform their bathroom into a spa haven with a concealed installation overhead shower with multiple jets, they will need your advice, ideas and active support.

You will find the following in the hansgrohe shower planner: 

  • Concealed installations with 2, 3 and 4 consumers, shown with sample hansgrohe products
  • Rainmaker Select overhead shower for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Exposed installation ShowerTablet Select thermostatic mixer in combination with a concealed installation solution for a single-jet overhead shower
  • iBox universal installation
  • Exposed installation showerpipes
  • Installation on the bath tub
  • hansgrohe shower ranges, thermostatic mixers, waste systems and more

Shower planner: Score points with customers with consultation skills 

You will find dimensions, flow diagrams, planning tips and practical tips from hansgrohe engineers in the brochure. Convenient QR codes also take you to the hansgrohe installation videos: Simply scan the graphic symbol using your smartphone or tablet to open the video. Find impressive ways to incorporate these tools into your consultation meetings and help your customers to find the best shower solution for them.

iBox: universal basic set for a more indulgent shower 

You can also impress your customers with the advantages of the iBox universal. All hansgrohe and AXOR standard concealed installation solutions can be easily installed with the base set, which has been tried and tested millions of times. And they can always be matched with new taps and base sets. This means potential sales for you and a continuously modern shower for your customers.

iBox universal for new taps in the shower.
The iBox will make your dream shower a reality either now or at a later date, as the base set enables taps to be replaced in no time at all, for more room to move in the bathroom.

iBox universal installation