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Check out highlights for luxurious showers and an ultra-purist bathroom collection. With new showers and mixers for wash basins, bath tubs and showers, AXOR offers new options to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

The sculptural tap

A symbiosis of geometric shapes and ultimate precision. Inspired by the cube, which avantgarde artists of the early 20th century made into an objet d’art. Technically perfect: A surface created with precision using diamond tools and edges that refract light to highlight the most beautiful feature. An architectural masterpiece. Perfection. 

Axor world premiere

Follow Axor on the pathway to the world premiere of a new collection. Find out what Axor has been working on over the last few years and how the new collection was created in collaboration with Philippe Starck. Everything exclusive to Facebook, from now up until the world premiere on 18 September.

Red gold tap

Standing out. Achieving the aspiration of being unique. Exploring new avenues. This is AXOR MyEdition. The clear, linear design boldly sets the stage for personal fulfilment. And creativity. With a variety of plates. Made of a choice of materials such as leather, wood, marble or mirror. Individualisation. Perfection. 

AXOR ShowerHeaven overhead shower.
Avantgarde design combined with innovative technologies. Turn the shower into a place where you can be captivated by water. The new Axor shower products and mixers are an absolute must in the shower. Luxurious: Axor ShowerHeaven 1200. Featuring a new jet type. Or the AXOR overhead shower 350. Unique in every dimension.

With its pipework style, the AXOR Uno bathroom collection embodies purism perfectly: radically functional and ultra-minimalist in design: the cylindrical, geometric elements are right-angled or gently curved. AXOR Uno includes products for wash basins, showers and bath tubs. 

Axor Bouroullec – feel free to compose

Axor Bouroullec is the new collection that gives you greater freedom in the bathroom. French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec answer our desire for more individuality. Their bathroom collection’s motto: feel free to compose.

The AXOR Montreux collection follows the tradition of the period around the turn of the century. The era of radical change and progress at the beginning of the 20th century. In their design, the showers and mixers are reminiscent of the first industrially manufactured fittings. Check out new variants in the authentic, classic bathroom collection that offers modern user convenience. 

Axor Citterio bathroom

In 2003, a highly elegant and successful collection came to life. Axor Citterio redefines luxury, quality and a love of detail. Doing something good for yourself has become the main idea behind this aesthetic concept. The collection has now been expanded to include new mixers and showers.

New Axor products for bathroom and kitchen
Check out the latest Axor products for bathrooms and kitchens exclusively in our web special.
Axor Urquiola bathroom

Axor Urquiola

New and old wonderfully converge in the style mix created in the bathroom. Everything is in harmony with the sophisticated products and the detailed design of the collection by Patricia Urquiola: a bathroom for the senses.

Axor Starck ShowerCollection bathroom

Axor Starck ShowerCollection

“Just mix it” is the motto of the Axor Starck ShowerCollection. The simple modular system of showers, mixers and accessories transforms your shower into a tailor-made spa.

Axor Massaud bath tub

Axor Massaud bath tub

Jean-Marie Massaud’s design concept is consistently furthered in the bath tub – the harmonious connection between organic and geometric shapes. A successful symbiosis between man, water, property and space.

Axor. Form Follows Perfection