Bathroom with RainSelect and overhead shower.

Shower control with pre-fab sets for concealed basic sets

Make bathroom technology disappear elegantly inside the wall

At hansgrohe, maximum innovative power is channelled into control units for the shower. There are concealed and exposed thermostatic mixers to choose from, and these control the flow of water reliably and offer heat protection. Whether for a renovation or a new build: hansgrohe concealed pre-fab sets featuring Select technology really enhance bathrooms. A really nice effect is the fact that wherever the technology disappears into the wall, the design becomes the focus and there is also more space to enjoy a comfortable shower. Shower solutions with up to five consumers are easy to implement.

Rainselect concealed shower control.

Concealed installation shower control systems

With hansgrohe products, you can control showers and jets intuitively. The selection is huge: more than 400 pre-fab sets can be installed on a variety of concealed base sets. They are available in lots of designs and to suit any budget. With user-friendly buttons and symbols, ShowerSelect pre-fab sets are also ideal for multi-generational bathrooms. Here you will find concealed installation solutions for one or more shower(s) and shut-off and diverter valves for up to five consumers.

hansgrohe concealed shower control ( of )


hansgrohe's new top products for concealed installation

  • RainSelect pre-fab sets. The high-quality, elegant design featuring glass and horizontal alignment stands out thanks to its space-creating character. In a modern bathroom, the shower becomes the focus, especially in combination with a large, multi-jet overhead shower. Available for up to five consumers. Large, intuitive buttons make it really easy to select the shower or jet type. The integrated hand shower holder is also practical.
  • ShowerSelect pre-fab sets. Switch different showers on and off or change jet types at the simple touch of a button. Particularly elegant when hand shower holder and hose connection are already integrated. Aesthetic highlights: ShowerSelect with a smooth glass surface in black or white.

Exposed? Concealed? Exposed and concealed? Here you will find some great selling points – and the perfect solution for any bathroom. 

More than 400 pre-fab sets for concealed installation


With Select buttons and/or rotary controls, in round or square design

  • RainSelect with hand shower.
  • Simply push a button.
  • ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer in black.
  • ShowerSelect glass thermostatic mixer.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for 1 consumers.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for 2 consumers.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for 3 consumers.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation for four consumers.
  • ShowerSelect concealed installation with consumer porter unit.

Electronic control – concealed mini-computer

RainBrain is the name of the multi-functional control centre from hansgrohe. It is also installed in the wall. From there it controls shower operation, jet types, temperature, light and music for your customer electronically. This provides maximum convenience and sensual enjoyment in the shower. Ideal if the bathroom is being completely redesigned.  

Everything you need to know about hansgrohe concealed control systems