Bathroom expert with the new iBox universal 2 from hansgrohe.

New products from the hansgrohe brand

Check out our modern bathroom planning solutions. Alongside innovative technology, which enables the user to enjoy water responsibly, it’s all about ergonomic comfort and aesthetic indulgence. We are therefore constantly working on developing new products. Design the perfect wellness oasis for your customers with everything from the PowderRain spray type for sensual showering, to our new installation masterpiece the iBox universal 2, right through to the Tecturis tap range with its clean lines.

The future is the new iBox universal 2

Faster, smarter, more flexible: Concealed installation is now twice as fast with the new iBox universal 2 and new pre-fab sets from hansgrohe than it was with the previous model. The iBox universal 2 base set combines the proven advantages with plenty of new properties and additional uses. So you can do your job as accurately as possible in no time at all.

New from hansgrohe: iBox universal 2 concealed base set.

ShowerSelect Comfort and DuoTurn pre-fab sets

The ShowerSelect Comfort (thermostatic mixer) and DuoTurn (tap) concealed pre-fab sets come in a flat design. These products enable your customers to enjoy comfortable and convenient showering with plenty of room to move and a nice sense of spaciousness. Both units can be quickly and easily fitted to the new iBox universal 2. We are rethinking concealed installation with these two new hansgrohe ranges.

More about the pre-fab sets
New from hansgrohe: concealed pre-fab sets for the bathroom.

Pulsify S & E: for a sensual, sustainable shower

With two sensational designs, Pulsify transforms the shower area into your customers’ favourite place – no matter the size of the space. Round (S) and linear (E) Pulsify hand and overhead showers turn water into wellness as they pamper people with the microfine droplets of the PowderRain shower spray. And these hansgrohe shower heads still remain sustainable while they pamper – all thanks to EcoSmart technology.

More about Pulsify
New from hansgrohe: Pulsify S and Pulsify E showers.

Designflex shower hose: warm feel, beautiful look

The nice textile effect of the new hansgrohe Designflex shower hose is genuinely eye-catching and creates a feel-good vibe in the shower. The yarn is made of recycled plastic and perfectly complements all FinishPlus surfaces. The waterproof and water-repellent material also ensures excellent hygiene and simple cleaning. This turns Designflex into a timeless and sustainable design piece.

More about Designflex shower hose
Designflex: hansgrohe shower hoses for modern bathrooms.

RainDrain: systematic shower drainage channels with a harmonious design

RainDrain shower drainage channels provide perfect waste technology in floor-level showers. The high-performance shower drains offer your customers maximum convenience and seamless design in one product, especially as the colourful finish perfectly matches the rest of the hansgrohe range. Bathroom taps, shower heads, storage solutions, and drainage products therefore create harmony throughout the bathroom.

More about RainDrain
RainDrain shower drainage channels from hansgrohe – new shapes and colours.

Tecturis S & E: architectural tap ranges – inspired by water

With the Tecturis S and Tecturis E tap ranges, your customers can create a unique space where architectural principles, comfort, functionality, and sustainability flow together perfectly. Two new hansgrohe ranges that emphasise the aesthetics and beauty of water with their minimalist look.

New from hansgrohe: Tecturis S and Tecturis E taps.

More hansgrohe novelties

Vernis: hansgrohe taps and showers for modern bathrooms.

Taps and showers in two universal designs – suitable for all bathrooms

Rebris: hansgrohe taps in a timeless slimline design.

Beautiful, water-saving taps – for joy from every angle 

Aqittura M91 kitchen tap serves water for all tastes.
Aqittura M91

Optimised sparkling table water to suit your customers’ taste (not available in Asia)