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The perfect fit with iBox universal 2

New pre-fab sets: ShowerSelect Comfort and DuoTurn

With hansgrohe, we are rethinking concealed installation with two designer pre-fab sets offering comfortable and convenient showering with room to move and a nice sense of spaciousness. Both units can be quickly and easily fitted to the new iBox universal 2. Customers wanting to change the shape or colour of their bathroom taps can have the sets replaced at any time – it’s so simple.

Soothing showering in a stylish atmosphere

The new hansgrohe ShowerSelect Comfort (thermostatic mixer, pictured on the left) and DuoTurn (tap, pictured on the right) concealed pre-fab sets come in an ultra-flat design with handles centred at the same height. Clear markings ensure intuitive user-friendliness.

Two new concealed installation control elements from hansgrohe.
Two hansgrohe control elements featuring a purist design and visual lightness.

ShowerSelect Comfort: a work of art for the wall

ShowerSelect Comfort’s elegant design turns the shower into an artistic eye-catching element. The aesthetic look is modest and represents your customer’s great sense of style. This concealed thermostat enables all shower elements to be intuitively controlled. It continuously balances out any temperature and water pressure fluctuations for the best showering experience.

Developed to smarten up the bathroom

  • Design. The minimalist design of the water controls is 40 percent flatter than previous hansgrohe pre-fab sets, therefore freeing up even more space in the shower. We have three purist designs to choose from: E, S, and Q, linear, round, and SoftCube, as well as five surface finishes: Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White, Brushed Black Chrome, and Brushed Bronze.
  • A new dimension of comfort. Up to four functions can be intuitively controlled at the touch of a button – with full-surface, high-quality metal Select push buttons.
  • Sustainability. Built-in water flow control with stop function for a sustainable way to use water.
  • Safety. With the SafetyStop temperature limitation feature that protects against excessively hot water. Scalding protection designed particularly with children or people with reduced mobility in mind.
  • Easy to clean as buttons are installed flush with the wall.
Flat, purist concealed thermostat for the shower.
Beautiful and sustainable down to the smallest detail: The purist hansgrohe design and use of high-quality materials enables the new concealed thermostat to offer long-lasting joy.

A thermostatic mixer that floats in front of the wall

ShowerSelect Comfort: all the advantages at a glance

  • Installation is now even quicker, safer, and more efficient thanks to iBox universal 2. You can place your full trust in it.
  • Extremely quiet as it is in acoustic group 1. Sound is not transmitted from any water-carrying parts.
  • Long-lasting hansgrohe quality through high standards and new materials. For example, the Select push buttons are made of metal for long-lasting joy and a nice feel.
  • Quick and easy to clean. Large, float-mounted metal buttons make cleaning easier.
  • Wide range of FinishPlus surfaces and three designs. This variety is of the moment, satisfies all customer requests, and meets the current market requirements.
  • Conserves resources. ShowerSelect Comfort has an integrated water flow control function for the sustainable use of water and heating energy.
  • Adaptable. Broad range for different numbers of functions or spray types.

Unique concealed thermostats for design enthusiasts

DuoTurn: turn up the comfort

Whether in the shower or bath tub, DuoTurn combines intuitive handling with clear, flat design. This new generation of hansgrohe concealed mixers lets your customers forget about everyday life and turn on soothing comfort. With DuoTurn, users can switch from the overhead shower to the hand shower with just one turn – a simple alternative to a diverter with a pull mechanism. The desired temperature and volume flow are also very easy to control here.

A first-class shower experience with just one turn

How do DuoTurn concealed mixers stand out?

  • For their adaptability. The flat taps create space, blend in with any bathroom ambiance, and can be matched with products in any hansgrohe range.
  • For their comfort and intuitive handling. Simply turning the handles activates the overhead or hand shower and controls the temperature and volume flow.
  • For their variety of designs. DuoTurn is a great fit for modern bathrooms. The handles are flat and aligned at one height, while the cartridge is positioned in the centre. Available in three purist designs (E, S, and Q – linear, round, and SoftCube) and four modern FinishPlus surfaces.
Flat concealed mixer for more comfort in the bathroom.
DuoTurn concealed mixers can be installed in the bath tub and shower. They offer a new, simple alternative to a diverter with a pull mechanism.

A handle that’s easy to turn

DuoTurn: all the advantages at a glance

  • Installation is even quicker, safer, and more efficient thanks to iBox universal 2.
  • Extremely quiet as it is in acoustic group 1. Sound is not transmitted from any water-carrying parts.
  • High quality as a result of hansgrohe’s material and functionality standards – for long-lasting satisfaction.
  • Quick and easy to clean. The large surfaces make cleaning easier.
  • Wide range of FinishPlus surfaces with four finishes. This variety offers something for all customers and meets market requirements.
  • Three clear designs – E, S, and Q – for all tastes and preferences.

DuoTurn: varied and stylish concealed mixers

More hansgrohe novelties

Bathroom expert with hansgrohe iBox universal 2.
hansgrohe iBox universal 2

The next chapter in the success story: Installation is now even faster, easier, and more flexible.