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AXOR and hansgrohe functional product samples and display models

An effective sales pitch starts with an impressive presentation and in-depth knowledge of the product. Bathrooms in particular are all about the atmosphere a room creates and the functionality of the products. The AXOR and hansgrohe product samples give bathroom planners, interior designers and decorators solid selling points to convince customers.

Always effective: display models of AXOR and hansgrohe products

AXOR and hansgrohe display models enhance every exhibition, every concept proposal, every sales pitch. They are non-functional products that can be simply taken with you on customer visits or used to draw attention in showrooms. The greatest advantage of the taps and shower heads for presentation purposes is that they can be touched, viewed from every angle and built in to various wash basin and shower settings so that you and your customers can experiment. Wherever they are used, bathroom planners and interior designers use them as a vivid way to back up their extremely convincing selling points.

Once tested, forever convinced: AXOR and hansgrohe product samples at work

Feel the super-soft PowderRain jet type on your skin. Use the handle to turn on the geometric tap from the AXOR Edge bathroom collection. Or test the kitchen tap with pull-out spray at the sink: The functional product samples from AXOR and hansgrohe are available to bathroom planners, plumbers and interior designers, and they can do all this and more. For example, they can be used to furnish bathroom showrooms and create mock-ups, train employees and, of course, convince customers. 

Functional models can be selected using the product catalogues.

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