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As at 01/2020

Industrial Property Rights

The following applies to the industrial property rights and copyright in the contents of the web pages of Hansgrohe Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH:

All images, graphics, files, texts and other content on this website are protected by copyright, trademark law or other industrial property rights. Duplication, publication, further processing or other use in electronic media, on other websites, in print media or in any other way, for both private and commercial use, requires our prior express written consent, to which there is no entitlement.

We endeavour to observe the industrial property rights and copyrights in the images, graphics, files, texts and other content of this website in all publications.

All industrial property rights and copyrights stated and not stated within our website, acquired for us or any third parties, are subject without restriction to the provisions of applicable valid national and international law and the rights and claims of the applicable registered or unregistered rights holders. The fact that such rights are merely stated or are not stated does not imply that there are no industrial property rights or copyright held by us or third parties.

In particular, the copyright to some of the photos published on this website is held by: © kanachaifoto – stock.adobe.com; © Laura Pashkevich – stock.adobe.com; © Wellnhofer Designs – stock.adobe.com; © Wellnhofer Designs – stock.adobe.com; © nd3000 – stock.adobe.com; © Kzenon – stock.adobe.com© driad – stock.adobe.com© Tatyana – stock.adobe.com; © momius – stock.adobe.com; Oatawa/shutterstock.com.