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New hansgrohe children’s shower

Jocolino: Time for things to get wild in the bathroom!

Would you believe this emotive item sells like magic? Whether discovered by parents, grandpas, aunts, or the kids themselves, the Jocolino children’s shower is an eye-catcher, a delightful gift, and welcome new business for sanitation professionals. It’s a hit with families with water-shy children, letting them swap tears for fun showering and bathing experiences.

Three funny animal designs, two unique spray modes, one happy family

  • Wildly fun. With Jocolino, children can go on a safari while they bathe. Available in three animal designs: lion, zebra, and crocodile. Comes with googly eyes for even more fun.
  • Wildly relaxing, even for parents. No tears, no tantrums, just shower and bath experiences filled with children’s laughter.
  • Wildly gentle. Two feel-good spray modes can be changed easily and safely by turning the insulated handle. Rain provides a soft shower, while MonoRain rinses out shampoo so deliberately, it doesn’t get into the eyes.
  • Wildly light-weight. A slim, ergonomic handle that fits into little hands perfectly. The hand shower is easy to screw on and off.
  • Wildly premium: produced in hansgrohe premium quality, Made in Germany.
Girl playing with hansgrohe Jocolino children’s shower.
Little Katy and her crocodile: Jocolino transforms the bathroom, often dreaded by children, into a cheerful time-out with funny stories.

Jocolino makes sales child’s play

With this new hand shower, your customers can choose from three popular animal motifs. Or they can let their children decide which design to take on their bath time safari: crocodile-comic, zebra-fantastic, or lion-strong. Your target group is plenty big, since many children don’t love showers and baths quite as much as they do frolicking and playing... 

When tears flow instead of water 

Time in the bathroom can be a terror for quite a few kids – and a test of patience for parents. With Jocolino, hansgrohe has come up with a solution that turns daily drama into fun water games – and precious family moments. The hand shower with the beastly cute shower head delights the little ones and focuses their attention on something positive. Kids are happy, everyone’s happy.

Jocolino & DogShower: Premiere at the Hansgrohe Aqua Days

In 2021, the hansgrohe brand presented all its new products in virtual space for the first time. In the following video from the Hansgrohe Aqua Days, you can get to know our showers for children and dogs. With Jocolino and DogShower, every member of the family finally has their own favorite shower. Discover what fun these hansgrohe playmates can be!