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Round or linear, save water with 4 l/min

Tecturis taps – experience water in a new design

hansgrohe has created two tap ranges that highlight the aesthetic and functional beauty of water with their minimalist look: Tecturis S is round like concentric circles in water, while Tecturis E is linear like a continuous water spray. This range has the perfect product for all décor styles and design preferences. Surprise your customers with Tecturis.

Two new architectural tap ranges – inspired by water

What makes architecture and design so sublime? It’s not the shapes, materials, and functionalities. It’s the way it makes us feel when we use it: sophisticated, refined, special. With Tecturis, your customers can create a unique space where the architectural principles, comfort, functionality, and sustainability flow together perfectly. Tecturis is the perfect mix of minimalist design and pure indulgence with water. These new hansgrohe taps turn the bathroom into an elegant living space, and the use of water into an aesthetic experience. Your customers have the choice: gently rounded design (Tecturis S) or straight lines (Tecturis E).

Minimalist design in the handle, base set, and spout

  • Iconic tap ranges. With two designs and four attractive FinishPlus surfaces, your bathroom customers can do their own thing. Tecturis is available in Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White, and Brushed Bronze. 
  • Available in various designs for more comfort at the wash place, for example as a 2-hole wall-mounted mixer or 2-hole ceramic tap, with the handle on the top or side. The latter offers a major benefit, as splash and limescale deposits are kept to a minimum for easy cleaning.
  • Sensational design with this eco-friendly tap line. Tecturis comes with EcoSmart+, which reduces water consumption to just 4 l/min – without taking away any of the joy water brings. CoolStart also helps to save energy. 
  • Bathroom planning in one design language. The interior design can be created with round or linear products from top to bottom, as other hansgrohe products in suitable designs and shapes can be perfectly paired with Tecturis.
Tecturis taps are available in two designs. 
Whether customers want soft, gently rounded shapes (left) or bold and linear design, Tecturis reflects different design preferences and water’s various properties.

Tecturis S: Inspired by the calming way water flows

Tecturis S reflects the gentle and flowing nature of water. The elegantly rounded design and soft lines represent pure relaxation and well-being. hansgrohe has even adapted the built-in aerator to the Tecturis S design to create the perfect look and feel. Your customers also gain free space at the wash basin thanks to the slimline design and increased ComfortZone.  

Tecturis S tap with a calm vibe.
The calm vibe of the new Tecturis S tap from hansgrohe turns every bathroom into a wellness oasis.

Tecturis S: focus on functionality

Basin taps with different ComfortZone heights

Tecturis E: emphasising the purity of water

Tecturis E features an impressive linear design and reflects the clarity and power of water. Its linear water spray is a tangible expression of the steady flow of water. Straight lines and the perfect integration of the round cartridge create a highly aesthetic atmosphere in the bathroom. Your wash place becomes an impressive design statement with Tecturis E.

Tecturis E tap with bold character.
The new Tecturis E tap from hansgrohe brings out the soothing and strong nature of this precious element. 

Tecturis E: focus on functionality

Basin taps with different ComfortZone heights

Tecturis taps: the top selling points for bathroom experts

  • Huge drive in the market for energy- and water-saving technologies. Your customers will be delighted that Tecturis reduces water consumption to just 4 l/min (EcoSmart+) and CoolStart lowers energy costs.
  • Ultra-slimline tap design with side handle – for more comfort when operating the tap and fewer water spots on the spout.
  • Taps available in different ComfortZone heights – for unique wash place solutions and maximum comfort.
  • Solutions for all décor styles. Round or linear, in Matt Black or Brushed Bronze: This range has something for every bathroom style and design preference. 
  • Holistic bathroom concept, coordinated bathroom planning. The Tecturis range can be perfectly matched with Pulsify showers, DuoTurn, and AddStoris accessories.

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